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delibrainy, a San Diego-based company founded in 2013, develops research and evidence-based bilingual programs and products to support social emotional wellness of young children (ages birth to eight) and provides services in the area of Social Emotional Wellness, Parent Engagement, Learning Readiness and Behavioral Health. .

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Demographics: 44% Latinos, 24% Caucasian, 14% Middle Eastern, 10% African American, 6% African Refugee, 1% Asian Pacific Islander, 1% Native American.

What We Offer

Healthy Behavior Services for children

Our goal at delibrainy is to assist caregivers and professionals in supporting optimal behavioral and developmental health through provision of Parent Education, Social Emotional Wellness training, Behavioral Support, Coaching and Professional development


The Relationship Based Parenting Program improves the quality of parent-child interactions, improves the physical and social environment in the institution, and focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration into the community as a parent.

Relationship Based Parenting program focuses on:

  • The importance of positive parent-child relationship
  • Secure attachment for the parent and child
  • Developmental milestones and outcomes for the child and parent
  • Positive interactions between the child and parent through increased levels of emotional awareness and responsiveness
  • The importance of peer relationships and support systems


For early childhood sites, delibrainy offers onsite coaching and staff training to support challenging behaviors and foster social emotional wellness.

Positive outcomes you can expect:

  • Increased knowledge of social-emotional development and behavior management
  • Skills and abilities to implement behavior management techniques
  • Improved relationships and interactions with children and families
  • Decreased stress


delibrainy offers professional development on a variety of topics.  Some examples of professional development topics covered include:

  • Importance of social emotional development to learning readiness
  • Significance of brain and neuroscience research in early childhood development
  • Reflective process including importance of relationship-based practices and interactions
  • Developmentally appropriate practices
  • Differential teaching approaches
  • Mental health and early intervention
  • Emotion and behavior regulation
  • Problem solving strategies to support emotion and behavior regulation

What Our Clients Say About Our Services


Parenting training was superb. Really helped the parents to understand the underlining issues and solutions

Susan P.

Highly Recommend

The instructor had my attention throughout each class.  I never knew about how much help is out there for parents like me who haven’t come from much and are trying to make a better life for their children.


The Best!!

Attending delibrainy’s behavioral services with my children has been life changing.  I have learned how to give them what I never had: stability, love, kindness and respect.  I am forever grateful.”

Janet H.


My child’s comfort level and relationship and bonding were of the utmost importance to me. Through these services we have been able to heal together and form and deeper connection. My child now uses words instead of fists and these services have made a world of difference. Thank you!

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