5 The Colors Are Back – ¡Los Colores Regresaron!
October 30, 2019
Cognitive Skills CD 29 Songs
October 30, 2019

Emotional Skills CD 25 Songs


Emotional Skills Music CD 25 Learning Songs by Circle of Education


Track List

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  1. Dolfi Theme Song-Emotional
  2. Funtime at Playtime
  3. There Are Times I Feel Jealous
  4. See You Later
  5. I Can Finish What I Start
  6. Getting Mad is Not the Way
  7. Things Are Changing
  8. It’s Great to Be Me!
  9. I Like You When
  10. My Feelings
  11. Have You Ever Felt Frightened
  12. Sometimes I Lose My Temper
  13. I’m Ready for Kindergarten
  14. I Can Read and I Can Write
  15. I Can Take Care of Myself
  16. How Do I Feel
  17. I Need to Use My Words
  18. I Like to Read
  19. Let’s Pretend
  20. It’s OK to Say Goodbye
  21. That’s How I Start My Day
  22. Everyone Is Special
  23. Every Night I Dream
  24. Sharing What’s on My Mind
  25. Circle of Education
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