PESE: Parenting Workshops

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Our FREE parent education, support, and empowerment workshops are a 4-week series of 90-minute classes.  The topics include:

  • Health:  Sleep, nutrition, healthy smiles, keeping kids active, safety, immunizations
  • Learning:  Child development, parents as the child’s first teacher, monitoring your child’s development
  • Family:  Support systems, family relationships, family time, positive parenting, temperament, discipline, tantrums, taking care of yourself.
  • Community:  Community activities and resources, organizing medical records, and advocacy strategies for health, education, and family

All parents who attend receive free developmental screenings, information about how to support their child’s development, gifts and prizes, and more!  Classes are open to all parents, family members, and caregivers of children ages 0-5 and you may begin attending at any time.  Registration paperwork is completed when you attend the first session.

For our current schedule of workshops, click “Calendar” at the top of this page.  Workshops are offered in various locations in Central and East regions of San Diego.

This service is funded by First 5 San Diego with support from Family Health Centers of San Diego Healthy Development Services. Services are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Somali.


Behavioral providers may send referrals to this service by emailing or faxing 858-707-4552.

Success stories:

“I had a parent who loved the PESE classes at HDS East. She comes every week because she wants to improve herself the way she can feed her family. She states that this class gives her hope in the future. This parent is very stressed out because she is the caregiver for her entire refugee family. These PESE workshops provide a very important component: parent education and involvement of parents.”

“Most of the families that I work with are from Middle East. They are new to the United States, and the reason they came to the US is to get a better life and better environment for their children to grow up in. I had a parent that was from Jordan. She has three children. Her children are active; they play a lot of sports. The mother gives the children a large amount of sport drinks. She thought that, because her children play outside most of the time, sport drinks would be better than water. In the health class we talked about water and other drinks. She was shocked when she learned how much sugar and sodium is in sport drinks. I believe that the PESE classes always give important information to parents.”



Nuestra educación GRATUITA para padres, y talleres de apoyo y empoderamiento son una serie de 4 semanas de clases de 90 minutos. Los temas que incluyen son:

  • Salud: dormir, nutrición, sonrisas saludables, mantener a los niños activos y vacunas.
  • Aprendizaje: Desarrollo infantil, padres como los primeros maestros de sus hijos, el seguimiento del desarrollo de su hijo.
  • Familia: sistema de apoyo, relaciones familiares, tiempo en familia, crianza positiva, temperamento, disciplina, rabietas, cuidar de sí mismo.
  • Comunidad: actividades y recursos comunitarios, la organización de registros médicos, y las estrategias de promoción de la salud, la educación y la familia.

¡Todos los padres que asisten reciben exámenes gratuitos de desarrollo, información sobre como apoyar el desarrollo de sus hijos, regalos ,premios, y más! Las clases están abiertas para todos los padres, familiares y cuidadores de niños de 0-5 años y usted puede comenzar a asistir en cualquier momento. Los trámites de registro se completan cuando se asiste a la primera sesión.

Para nuestro calendario actual de talleres, haga clic en “Calendario” en la parte superior de esta página. Los talleres se ofrecen en varios lugares de las regiones del centro y del este de San Diego.

Este servicio es financiado por First 5 San Diego con el apoyo de Family Health Centers of San Diego. Los servicios están disponibles en inglés, español, árabe y somalí.