2B: In-Classroom Services

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Our FREE 2B services provide support to teachers and other caregivers of children ages 0-5 in the classroom.  Our parent educators will conduct treatment sessions which will address challenging behaviors, such as hitting, biting, sharing, aggression, and more.  Each child may receive up to 6 sessions in the classroom, scheduled at your convenience.  We can provide services at schools, daycare centers, and family home childcare centers.

 In-classroom services are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Somali.  These workshops are designed for teachers and other caregivers of children with challenging behaviors in the classroom environment. Services are offered in sites located in Central and East regions of San Diego.

 To find out if you are eligible for these services, or to schedule an appointment, please call Mariela at 858-675-0795 or email referrals@delibrainy.com.

 This service is funded by First 5 San Diego with support from Family Health Centers of San Diego Healthy Development Services.


Behavioral providers may send referrals to this service by emailing referrals@delibrainy.com or faxing 858-707-4552.

Success stories:

“I believe that 2B offers a great tool for the teacher. I think teachers are interested in the service, and 2B offers a lot of suggestions of what the teacher could improve on, such as getting children to understand routines. That is one of the issues which I frequently address with teachers. Many teachers have similar experiences of taking their kids to school, doing housework, having more than one child, etc.  This helps teachers to relate with parents, especially when they are from different cultures.”


2B (servicios en el aula)

Nuestros servicios GRATUITOS 2B proporcionan apoyo a los maestros y otros cuidadores de niños de 0-5 años en el aula. Nuestros educadores llevaran a cabo las sesiones de tratamiento donde se abordaran las conductas desafiantes tales como golpear, morder, el compartir, agresividad, y más. Cada niño puede recibir hasta 6 sesiones en el salón de clases, programadas a su conveniencia. Podemos proporcionar servicios en las escuelas, guarderías, y centros de cuidado de niños en casa.

Los servicios en el aula están disponibles en inglés, español, árabe y somalí. Estos talleres están diseñados para maestros y otros cuidadores de niños con comportamientos desafiantes en la escuela. Los servicios se ofrecen en lugares localizados en las regiones del centro y del este de San Diego.

Para saber si usted es elegible para estos servicios, o quiere programar una cita, comuníquese con Mariela al 858-675-0795 o al correo electrónico referrals@delibrainy.com

Este servicio es financiado por First 5 San Diego con el apoyo de Family Health Centers of San Diego.