1B: Behavioral Workshops

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 Our FREE 1B workshop series, titled “Steps to Understanding Your Child’s Behavior,” is a 10-week series of 2-hour classes.  The topics include:

  • Introduction and Understanding Development & Temperament
  • Encouraging Self-Regulation, Morality, & a Sense of Conscience
  • Developing Body Control & a Positive Body Image
  • Developing a Secure Attachment
  • Encouraging Language & Communication
  • Encouraging Emotional Regulation
  • Encouraging Play & Imagination
  • Laying a Foundation for Positive Self Esteem
  • Encouraging Concentration, Planning, & Problem Solving
  • Encouraging Social Competence, Empathy, & Caring Behavior

 For more information about each topic click here:  Summary of 1B Steps.  (http://delibrainy.com/wp-content/uploads/1B-summary-for-parents.pdf)

 All parents who attend receive free developmental screenings, information about how to support their child’s development, gifts and prizes, and more!  Classes are open to all parents, family members, and caregivers of children ages 0-5 and you may begin attending at any time.  Registration paperwork is completed when you attend the first session.

 For our current schedule of workshops, click “Calendar” at the top of this page.  Workshops are offered in various locations in Central and East regions of San Diego.

 This service is funded by First 5 San Diego with support from Family Health Centers of San Diego Healthy Development Services. Services are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Somali.


Behavioral providers may send referrals to this service by emailing referrals@delibrainy.com or faxing 858-707-4552.

Success stories:

“One mom was a first-time stay at home mother.  When she attended the first class she kept mentioning that it was her first time and that everything was so new to her, which was why she decided to attend the classes.  She seemed a bit nervous and unaware of things she could try out with her daughter.  As time went on, she began forming relationships with the rest of the parents.  She had a support group at our meetings, and was very thankful after each class.  It was quite heartwarming to see her grow in her confidence as a parent, and to know that coming to class was what she did for goal 3 of taking care of herself.”

“I began a 1B at Logan Library with a parent who has a child that has never been in childcare.  Her daughter seems to have problems socializing and letting go of mom.  She is very attached to mom since that is all that she is used to.  I have met with them a couple of times now and her daughter seems to be more comfortable interacting with other children while mom is in class.  She has improved in saying good-bye to mom and playing with other children.  It is still a work in progress, and I really feel that she will be able to strengthen the relationship she has with mom to where she can be more independent.”


1B (talleres de comportamiento)

Nuestra serie de talleres GRATUITOS, llamados “Pasos para entender el comportamiento de su hijo,” es una serie de 10 semanas de clases de 2 horas. Los temas incluyen:

  • Introducción y comprensión del desarrollo y temperamento.
  • Fomento de la autorregulación, la moral y sentido de la conciencia.
  • Desarrollo del control corporal y la imagen positiva del cuerpo.
  • El desarrollo de un apego seguro.
  • Alentar el lenguaje y la comunicación.
  • Alentar la regulación emocional
  • Alentar el juego y la imaginación.
  • Bases para una autoestima positiva.
  • Alentar la concentración, planificación y la solución de problemas.
  • Alentar la competencia social, la empatía y las conductas de cuidado.

Para más información acerca de cada tema haga clic aquí: Resumen de Pasos 1B. (http://delibrainy.com/wp-content/uploads/1B-summary-for-parents-Spanish.pdf).

¡Todos los padres que asisten reciben exámenes gratuitos de desarrollo, información sobre como apoyar el desarrollo de sus hijos, regalos, premios, y más! Las clases están abiertas para todos los padres, familiares y cuidadores de niños de 0-5 años y usted puede comenzar a asistir en cualquier momento. Los trámites de registro se completan cuando se asiste a la primera sesión.

Para nuestro calendario actual de talleres, haga clic en “Calendario” en la parte superior de esta página. Los talleres se ofrecen en varios lugares de las regiones del centro y del este de San Diego.

Este servicio es financiado por First 5 San Diego con el apoyo de Family Health Centers of San Diego. Los servicios están disponibles en inglés, español, árabe y Somalí.