Circle of Education®

COE LOGO colorThe Circle of Education® Program is based on academic research and focuses on learning readiness developmental domains: social, emotional, cognitive, health and routines skills. 

The Circle of Education® Program Implements the benefits of music and educational animation (tuneTOON™)

  • Supports school-home connections and facilitates active parenting
  • Helps children, parents, caregivers and professionals connect, engage and communicate
  • Provides tools to help young children to be ready to learn
  • Supports development of social and emotional skills

Aligned ParentPod™ and EduPod activities utilize common components: learning foundation, learning skills, music, educational animation, expression cards, hand and glove puppets.

The bilingual ParentPod™ and EduPod programs are seamlessly integrated, available in traditional format, on the web and mobile platforms and in the cloud